Dracasealm (dracasealm) wrote in kuk_sool_won,

New Community Introduction

Hello, fellow Kuk Soolers! My Name is Ja Di (Brown Belt) Matt. I have been involved with Kuk Sool Won for almost a year and a half and I absolutely LOVE it! Kuk Sool is such a big part of my life that I arrange my entire schedule around it. I can usually be found at my do jang on a daily basis, whether I'm practicing, taking a class, helping out with a class, or helping in the operations of the school in general. My do jang is located in San Antonio, Texas and I have a wonderful instructor, PSBN Sylvia (Pu Sa Bum Nim , for those of you who aren't used to the abbreviations).

I welcome anyone in the Kuk Sool Family to join this community. Anything related to Kuk Sool Won is welcome, whether its to ask a question about one of your techniques to your feelings about how well you testing went or even what you thought of something you saw in class or competion. I will not penalize anyone for not using proper yea eue (ettiquette), but you may want to show any higher ranking students or instructors in this group that you observe proper ettiquette when posting.

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